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    Our Team

    Robert Kummer Hong Tang        

    Robert Kummer has studied sinology (M.A.), economics and international relations in Frankfurt, Xian, Shenzhen and Taipei. He has more than ten years of experience in the Chinese market, working as a consultant for Chinese entrepreneurs and as a businessman for marketing in southern China. Being familiar with the Chinese socio-economic transformation process and having made own experiences of networking with public authorities, government organizations, Chinese business partners and plenty of informal meetings, Robert can give first-hand information on chances and difficulties establishing one’s company on the Chinese market. He consults German companies wanting to enter the Chinese market and vice versa prepares the European market entry of Chinese companies.

    Hong Tang has lived in Germany for 12 years and is managing director of ROK China Ltd. After studying law in Shanghai she came to Germany to study philosophy (M.A.). Since then she accompanied many negotiations and takeovers of German companies by Chinese suppliers. Based on this knowledge and practical experience Hong is the ideal contact person for intercultural questions in German-Chinese business context.