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    China Sourcing

    You would like to import large amounts of a particular product from China to Germany or your home country?

    You are looking for a reasonably priced supplier of products and raw materials in China?


    Various factors can impede China Sourcing activities: 

    • finding the right contact person
    • assessing the quality of goods and adjusting it to German requirements
    • verifying the contact details of potential agents
    • determining the authenticity of producers when searching online
    • etc.

    We support you when dealing with these factors during the process of China Sourcing. You let us know which product you are looking for, then we source potential producers and verify them on your behalf. We place the order for you and you then pay the supplier directly. We find out the most favorable and secure ways of transportation.

    We offer our services from a commodity value of 10.000€ onwards. Interested? Get in touch with us.